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RNA Use Policy

1.. The software distributed through the Repositorio Nacional de Applicaciones (RNA) must comply with the provisions of Decree No. 3390, which establishes the priority use of free software and open standards bodies of the National Public Administration.
Referring to use of licenses:

  • All documents accompanying the applications, tools and projects must be distributed under the Creative Commons license (see License section).
  • Licensing the use of the applications, tools and projects that apply are those that meet the four freedoms of free software (see Licensing section).

2.- It is suggested applying some practices in the development and implementation of applications, tools and projects. For this purpose, should be considered the following aspects:
Identify the versions that are included by applications, tools and projects, cumulatively.
Have a minimum documentation, such as a user manual, a administration manual, installation and documented source code, if you apply for projects stable.

3.- It is the responsibility of the project team: the contents, materials and documentation that are published to the service of the RNA.